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Combination Course of any/all Subjects!

121 personalised & tailored courses combining any or all subjects!

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Take a mixture of Communication classes -no need to decide which you want to do before you book the course, decide as you go along and be guided by our expert Communication Coach. If you prefer the coach can assess you and decide what to include, always guided by your preferences. Choose from: Acting, Public Speaking, English (EFL, Language, Literature, Speaking, Listening, Writing, Understanding), Elocution -Received Pronunciation/A Standard British English accent, Interview Technique, Writing -Corporate or Creative and related e.g. Presenting, Presenting for zoom, confidence, etc. Book multiple hours to take advantage of this. You can choose the exact number of hours you wish to commit to. Please see the plans below -2 hours, 3, 4, 5, 10, 20, 30 as well as half day, one day (8 hours coaching), 2 day (16 hours) and 3 day (24 hours) workshops. Generally the more hours booked, the more free bonuses your course will come with e.g. free materials, recordings, etc, and of course the more you will improve! Commit to improving your communication today! Trainer with 3 Masters Degrees in related Communication subjects (please see the homepage for more).

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No cancellation policy once sessions are booked and paid for.



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